Devereux — volume 03

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Devereux — volume 03
Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron
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John, who thought or affected to think very differently from me onthese subjects, shook his head gently, but, with his usual goodbreeding, deemed it rather too sore a subject for discussion.
"I will tell you a discovery I have made, " said I.
"And what is it?" "Listen: that man is wisest who is happiest, --granted. What doeshappiness consist in? Power, wealth, popularity, and, above all, content! Well, then, no man ever obtains so much power, so much money, so much popularity, and, above all, s
...uch thorough self-content as afool; a fool, therefore (this is no paradox), is the wisest of men. Fools govern the world in purple: the wise laugh at them; but they laughin rags. Fools thrive at court; fools thrive in state chambers; foolsthrive in boudoirs; fools thrive in rich men's legacies. Who is sobeloved as a fool? Every man seeks him, laughs at him, and hugs him. Who is so secure in his own opinion, so high in complacency, as a fool?/sua virtute involvit/. Hark ye, St. John, let us turn fools: they arethe only potentates, the only philosophers of earth.

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Devereux — volume 03
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