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Devereux — volume 04
Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron
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I do not think I ever encountered a man so brilliantly, yet so easily, witty. He had but little of the studied allusion, theantithetical point, the classic metaphor, which chiefly characterize thewits of my day. On the contrary, it was an exceeding and naivesimplicity, which gave such unrivalled charm and piquancy to hisconversation. And while I have not scrupled to stamp on my pages somefaint imitation of the peculiar dialogue of other eminent characters, Imust confess myself utterly unable to... convey the smallest idea of hismethod of making words irresistible. Contenting my efforts, therefore, with describing his personal appearance, --interesting, because that ofthe most striking literary character it has been my lot to meet, --Ishall omit his share in the remainder of the conversation I amrehearsing, and beg the reader to recall that passage in Tacitus inwhich the great historian says that, in the funeral of Junia, "theimages of Brutus and Cassius outshone all the rest, from the verycircumstance of their being the sole ones excluded from the rite.

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Devereux — volume 04
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