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The great manatee mother didn't seem to mind me a bit, as sheswam around us two or three times, but I squirmed a good deal whenthat tremendous tail, which was moving so slowly, came opposite me, and I wondered if it was going to mash me as flat as a sheet ofpaper, or only knock me over the tops of the mangroves. But thatscare was nothing to the next one. After Ma Manatee had gone, Babyand I had a quiet hour or so and I was getting pretty tired andbeginning to worry a lot about you, when somethi...ng happened to setme to worrying about myself. This is a big, deep river, and therewas enough going on to amuse me, dolphins, turtles and tarpon comingup to blow as they passed and small fish jumping out of the watermost of the time.
"Sometimes a splash and the scattering of little fish when a bigone got after them startled me for a minute, but I got over mindingit much, when a big, big splash came and there was a long strugglein the river near me. Perhaps I wouldn't have minded it so much, butBaby got crazy again and I couldn't soothe him.

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Dick in the Everglades
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