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Diminutive Dramas

Cover Diminutive Dramas
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Yes ; show her in. Enter Portia Portia. It's such a beautiful morning that I thought a nice brisk walk would do me good, and as I was passing your door I couldn't help just look- ing in.
Lucullus. I'm delighted.
Portia {sitting down). I wanted to ask you whether you would mind giving your patronage to the Old Slaves' Pensions Fund ? Cicero has helped us a great deal, and Caesar has promised. By the way, is Caesar dining with you to-night ?
Lucullus. Yes, I believe he is.
Portia. Well, he partic
...ularly wants to see Brutus, and he said something about meeting us here to-night, and as I had heard nothing from you I thought I would just ask. The slaves are so stupid about letters — not that I want very much to dine out. You see, I'm very busy just at this moment, and there's a Committee Meeting to-night for the O. S. P. F. (She sighs. ) But one can't always think of oneself, and Brutus has been so depressed lately. He sleeps badly, and we've tried everything. The new Greek doctor has done him no good, and we've tried fomented eucalyptus and poppy soup, and the cold-water cure ; but it all seems to make him worse, and the doctors say that what he wants is society, and we so seldom see any one.

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Diminutive Dramas
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