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��You want to be here, illiana. �Tell me you don�t.� �I don�t see where you have given me a choice.� �You have a choice now. �You don�t even flinch away from my touch.� �His rough finger tips traces the outline of her shoulder as his hand slid down her arm. ��Tell me you don�t want to be here.� �I don�t want to be here.� He chuckled then. ��And mean it. �Tell me that you want to be back at your sweet dinner parties batting you eyelashes at miner managers for ore processing plants. �Tell me that... your blood runs as hot for them as it does for me. �Tell me Illiana. �Lie to me.� She woke alone. �Illiana did not know if she welcomed or regretted that fact. �By the time she made it across the room to the sink she decided that it was for the best. �She passed her hand across the mirrors sensor. �Her reflection faded into view. �Large, blue eyes circled by dark rings of fatigue stared back at her. �Her hair was unpinned and cascaded in a silver-gold flood around her shoulders and body.

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Guest 4 years ago

Horrible translation or perhaps an mostly illiterate author, NOT recommended, slogging through all the mid used words and fractured sentences is work, not pleasure. I abandoned this turkey before the end of the party in the early chapter.

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