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Doesticks What He Says

Cover Doesticks What He Says
The book Doesticks What He Says was written by author Here you can read free online of Doesticks What He Says book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is Doesticks What He Says a good or bad book?
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lahu latent '§utu~€\'au\-§m^ m i\t Citg.
PERSONS from tlae rural districts — who are visiting tlie city for the first time, and who have all their lives been accustomed to no more pretentious religious edifices than the old fashioned country meeting-house, with a " steeple," either of the extinguisher or pepper-castor pattern; with great square hot-house windows, built expressly to concentrate and reflect upon the innocent congre- gation the hottest rays of the sun, as if religion was a green-h
...ouse plant, and would only bloom beneath a forced and artificial heat — usually expend no small portion of their simple wonder upon the magnificent temples of the town, which aspiring congregations erect ostensibly for the worship of the manger-cradled Saviour.
It usually too requires some considerable time for such a behind-the-times person to lay aside all his GOBS TO OHTJEOH. 121 antiquated notions of religion, in which love, charity, and good will to men were essential ele- ments, but which primitive idea of Christianity has, in the more enlightened city precincts, been long since exploded, and adopt the more convenient and showy piety which fashionable city people wear on Sundays — the constituent parts of which are too often only ostentation and vanity, veneered with a thin shell of decency and decorum.

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Doesticks What He Says
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