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Don Q. in the Sierra

Cover Don Q. in the Sierra
Don Q. in the Sierra
K Kate Prichard
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CHAPTER XXI HOW DON Q. KEPT CHRISTMAS — (continued) The two Englishmen were borne into the moun- tains. The cold of the gorges struck at them with palpable blows, for both still wore only the evening dress in which they had been captured. Never per- haps had those forests and ravines beheld a more incongruous procession than that headed by these two men with smudged shirt fronts and dishevelled hair; their legs were tied round the barrel of their horses, while the animals were urged onwards by
...fierce mountaineers, who nursed in their hearts a savage ill-will against the captives. Last of all rode Don Q. , his head sunk upon his chest, and a rankling bitterness against Warriswold filling all the courses of his thoughts.
All night they rode, and far into the day beyond it, towards the darker defiles of the sierra. At first they passed beneath cork-oaks and ilex; then the cork forest gave place to scattering pines, and pines to stunted brushwood, and finally the long line of men wound through bare and boulder-strewn ravines, until as the sun set, they entered once more a grove of pines, where the prisoners were thrust into a shelter of branches to sleep.

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Don Q. in the Sierra
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