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I drew your portrait!” Lynda stood in the entrance to the parlor, holding a sheet of paper against her chest.
    “You did?” Kit glanced up from her book. “Let’s have a look.”
    The girls generally gathered in the parlor during the hour before dinner. It was a pleasant spot, well-lit and with comfortable furnishings, and a good deal more modern than the rest of the rooms at Blackwood. Usually they chatted or watched TV, but tonight no one seemed to be in a talkative mood. Kit and Ruth had been
... reading, and Sandy was over at the card table in the corner, dealing out a game of solitaire.
    Now, with Lynda’s entrance, they all looked up from their activities. There was something about Lynda’s bright prettiness that lit up any room, and at this moment she looked so innocently pleased with herself that Kit found herself smiling.
    “Come on, let’s see it. I didn’t know you were an artist.”

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Down a Dark Hall
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Guest 2 years ago

This book is amazing it is filled with mystery and suspense and the writer gives you little hits as to what will happen but you would not notice until the very end when you put it all together over all this book was just really really great I would recommend this book to anyone the only thing is personally I felt there should have been a little bit more to the end but still so far the best book I have ever read and I will definitely be reading more from this author.

Guest 4 years ago

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Guest 4 years ago

I thought that this was a great book to read with a lot of suspense and action. This book is mainly about a private school that has many secrets. Furthermore the school is extremely mysterious because there are only four students in it. The main character Cat begins to have suspicions as to what is happening in the school when her classmates start acting weird. She discovers the headmasters plan and you'll have to read the book to find out the rest of the story. This really is a great book and can also be confusing because of the way the author puts the words. You might have to read it a few times until you get it because trust me when you begin to understand it, you will begin to put the pieces together like a puzzle. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. The way the authors writes just makes you want to wonder what's going to happen next after every word.

Cheepy Zhang 3 years ago

is it good cuz why the mc is called kit not cat???????????????????? Turkey is very confused and very werid and very bad at speling

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