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Dramatic Monologues

Cover Dramatic Monologues
Dramatic Monologues
F P B Francis Plumptre Beresford Osmaston
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What reading level is Dramatic Monologues book?
To quickly assess the difficulty of the text, read a short excerpt:

Ah ! there creeps The shame which ousted Adam long ago From Paradise and all the apostle once Fronted in the third heaven : he looked upon The golden doors, gazed wistful up toward The central Tree of Life, the eternal fount 64 DRAMATIC MONOLOGUES Whence Virtue flooded north, south, east, and west, But would not enter in or taste thereof, Walking with God in spirit and in truth, As Enoch after him. Alas ! so fair, So blissfully entrancing shone that world Of the wide beneficent Nature, he was f...ain To deck himself with softness in her arms Nor dream of aught beyond her and the sense She soon discovered for him in his slumber : Dormit Adam et fit Eva. There lurks The germ and increase of this ancient wrong ; He took for wholesome cheer the natural good Which came with ne'er an effort, all uncrowned With noble virtue ; and fond easy man, Just when the sweetness blossomed in the ripe, (Quadam elatio^ Augustine adds The fitting word, as ever is his wont), Why then he slept his birthright most away Steeped in the luscious senses (notice here How the Greek substantive, afoQficns termed, Aptly betrays the ardent feminine) ; Slept sound enough, I warrant, till one day He woke to find the creature whom he sought And had been seeking after all the while, AN EARLT SCHOOLMAN'S DISCIPLE 65 Though still half unaware, real as himself, Flesh of the very marrow, ready framed With the exquisite accordance of each part (Mark here the scathing irony of Heaven, Wherein God gave to Adam all that blessed His ignorant flocks with wanton gambollings, Dividing the waste waters of his hunger, That they might clash the more in overthrow), To consummate with touch and open eyes, Expectant and invasive as his own, All that his folly listed, and he fell ; Faith !

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