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We seemed to creep to the middle of the river. A Polled-Angus bullockwith an irregular white streak running across his nose led the drove, following close at the horse's tail. That steer was Destiny. No criminalever watched the face of his judge with more desperate interest than Iwatched the dish-face of that muley. I was now at the very middle of theriver, and the turn must be made against the current. Would the steerfollow me, or would he take the natural line of least resistance intothe swin
...ging water of the eddy? It was not a dozen yards below, whirlingaround to its boiling centre. The steer swam almost up to the horse'stail. I turned El Mahdi slowly against the current, and watched theblack bullock over my shoulder. He turned after the horse. The currentstruck him in the deep forequarters; he swung out below the horse, threwhis big chest to the current, and followed El Mahdi's tail like a fishfollowing a bait. I arose in the stirrups and wiped the sweat off myface with my sleeve.

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Dwellers in the Hills
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