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" She was then a person of somewhat opulent charms, good-looking, clever, notorious on the stage which she dom- inated, vulgar, audacious, effective. I have often thought since how she and those operas embodied the time. They were together but a passing show, and yet they seem to me now to have meant much, for the music filled the air and pervaded the streets as the woman who interpreted them filled and pervaded the stage. Offenbach's music is perfect of its kind. For light, comic operas nothin...g has ever sur- passed it, and the composer was a thorough musician. The taking airs frothed up like a glass of champagne and van- EUROPE: 1866-1867 159 ished like the gleaming bubbles of the wine. And yet, per- fect as it was of its kind, it left a bad taste behind it. Two of the most successful of the operas drew their fun from the degradation of two of the most beautiful of the Greek myths. The "Grande Duchesse" had, I am sure, a deep effect in breeding in the French mind a contempt for the Germans and the German army, a grotesque and absurd mistake, for which France paid heavily when the day of reckoning came.

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Early Memories
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