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C. Of water. A current of 0. 07-0. 1 ampere acted upon this mixture through the night, and deposited 0. 2225 gram of palladium. (2) In another experiment, with conditions similar to those just mentioned, excepting that the quantity of the palladammonium chloride was doubled, and the current held at 0. 7 ampere, the quantity of metal pre- cipitated equaled 0. 4462 gram instead of 0. 4456. Oxide did not separate upon the anode. The deposit, when dry, showed the same appearance as is ordinarily ob...served with this metal in sheet form. It was washed with hot water (70), and dried in an air-bath at iio-ii5. It is best to deposit the palla- dium in platinum dishes previously coated with silver.
The Rapid Precipitation of Palladium With the Use of a Rotating Anode.
Amberg mentions having electrolyzed palladosammine chloride in sulphuric acid solution with a current of 0. 3 am- pere and 1. 25 volts, when he succeeded in precipitating one gram of palladium upon a roughened dish in three hours.

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