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He strolled along the other side of Main and saw what he now thought of as the Deirdre Poster one more time, in the knit and yarn shop. Nowhere else.
Mike had kept saying they and those women, but he really doubted that. It was all about McComb. She was the in-your-face half of the partnership. He thought Missy Donaldson would have been happy to keep it on the DL. That half of the partnership would have serious problems saying boo to a goose.
But she came to see me, he thought, and she said a lo
...t more than boo. That took guts.
Yes, and he had liked her for it.
He put New England Fixtures and Furnishings on the park bench, and began to jog up and down the steps of the bandstand. It wasn’t exercise he craved, just movement. I’ve got ants in my pants, he thought. Not to mention bees in my knees. And it wasn’t like climbing the steps, more like springing up them. He did it half a dozen times, then went back to his bench, interested to find he wasn’t out of breath, and his pulse was only slightly elevated.

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Guest 4 years ago

I think it’s hilarious that king espouses “kindness and goodness” but apparently that is only if you have his political/ideological views. What a complete and utter hypocrite

Guest 3 years ago

Dear BRAVE "GUEST"! I think the lack of kindness and goodness is what prompts Mr. King's wrath. How kind do we need to be to a tyrant?
Dear Winchell, you must be a carpenter. You're great at hitting nails right on the head!

winchell780 4 years ago

Your jealosy just eats you alive , doesn't it. When you have a talent as great a Mr. King, perhaps then you can spew your hate. Doubt that you do, however.

Guest 4 years ago

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Guest 4 years ago

Please be kind to the people who run this site, I'm sure they're doing the best they can. Also you should call people faggots, even if you are struggling with your sexuality, that doesn't mean you should project your frustrations onto others.

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