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. Itis all over with the artist. " The hog-mind and its handmaidens indisorder, superficial brightness, fundamental dullness, then cowardiceand suspicion--all a part of the minority (the non-people) theantithesis of everything called soul, spirit, Christianity, truth, freedom--will give way more and more to the great primal truths--thatthere is more good than evil, that God is on the side of the majority(the people)--that he is not enthusiastic about the minority (thenon-people)--that he has ma...de men greater than man, that he has madethe universal mind and the over-soul greater and a part of theindividual mind and soul--that he has made the Divine a part of all.
Again, if a picture in economics is before him, Emerson plunges down tothe things that ARE because they are BETTER than they are. If there isa row, which there usually is, between the ebb and flood tide, in thematerial ocean--for example, between the theory of the present order ofcompetition, and of attractive and associated labor, he wouldsympathize with Ricardo, perhaps, that labor is the measure of value, but "embrace, as do generous minds, the proposition of labor shared byall.

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"essays Before a Sonata"
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