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' Why did you do it ? ' he was asked, and in reply he gave the remarkable answer that he wanted to see whether the knife was sharp. * H'm, ' commented my tutor. ' Fiat experi- mentum in corpore vili, I suppose ' a suggestion to which the owner of the knife somewhat doubtfully assented, as became one ignorant of Latin.
' Verses ' in some Eton pupil rooms must have been a weekly trial to masters as well as boys. It is not every man, even if he has been brought up in a classical school, who has th
...e knack of writing or re- writing, or altering the compositions of others into decent lyric and elegiac verse. But my tutor wrote Latin verse as easily as prose, and I think, if anything, rather enjoyed looking over the verses of some of his pupils. There were one or two, it is true, upon whom the divine afflatus descended seldom, and whose lyrics cannot have recalled to the reader the graces of Ovid and Horace. ' I will be your teacher ' was a line which had to be brought into a copy of elegiacs.

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Eton in the Eighties
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