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"Can you keep your traps shut as we go?" "Absolutely, " Kendra said. "Have you lost it?" Seth hissed. "This could save us lots of time, " Kendra whispered back. "You'll deny our involvement if you're caught, " Voorsh said. "Of course, " Kendra said. "Because we could make things very uncomfortable for you if you land us in hot water, " Slaggosnarled. "If we get caught, we'll keep you out of it, " Kendra promised. "Make sure the other one understands, " Voorsh said. "My tongue gets tangled speak...ing yourvile language. " Kendra explained the situation to Seth, who asserted his compliance. Slaggo stooped and pickedthem up in one hand. "Can you hold us a little looser?" Kendra asked. "Be glad I don't cripple you, " Slaggo said, slightly relaxing his crushing grip. "Ask him to grab the glove, " Seth said. "Could you also get that glove on the floor?" Kendra asked. "We'll want it when we're bigagain. " "I understood the other one fine, " Slaggo said. "I'll wager I grasp more languages than the twoof you together.

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Fablehaven 2 - Rise of the Even
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User Reviews:

Guest 2 years ago

Good book
Some words are not spaced out correctly
Makes it hard to read

Guest 4 years ago


Juan_Ephriam 4 years ago

Awesome, the suspense though

Guest 4 years ago

I LOVED this book. It was a little scary but it made me want to read more! READ THIS SERIES!

Guest 5 years ago

I like the first book. Some parts were a little scary.

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