First Love (Little Blue book #1195)

Cover First Love (Little Blue book #1195)
First Love (Little Blue book #1195)
Alarcón Pedro Antonio De
The book First Love (Little Blue book #1195) was written by author Here you can read free online of First Love (Little Blue book #1195) book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is First Love (Little Blue book #1195) a good or bad book?
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In other words, the young man invited him tobreakfast one day, enticing him with the seductive prospect of severaldozen oysters, washed down with abundant Sauterne, and for dessert heshot off his play at close range.
"As it turned out, the play was no good. Pepe did what you know onedoes in such cases: he expressed deep admiration for theversification, he said 'bravo!' over certain obscurely phrasedthoughts, and finally he recommended a few changes in the second act, after which the work would unexceptionable.
"The unwary poet returned home greatly pleased, and set to workzealously upon the revision. At the end of a fortnight he returned foranother interview with Pepe; this time the latter found the first actsomewhat slow, and advised him at any cost to put more action into itand make it somewhat shorter. It took the poet a month to rewrite thefirst act. When he once more presented himself, the director, whileexpressing great admiration for the excellence of the verse and forsome of the ideas, manifested some doubt as to whether the play was_actable_.

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First Love (Little Blue book #1195)
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