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First Third Reader
Sidney Carleton Newsom
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They are happy and I am happy, too. I climb higher and higher trying to reach the beautiful sun.
I have not always grown on this fence where you see me. Once my home was on the seashore.
I was never lonely there. I had hundreds of friends in the sand with me. We could hear the waves dash on the shore and the wind blow in the cocoanut trees above our heads.
But I was not always happy even by the sea. Boys and girls played there. They pulled my pretty flowers. They ran over me and broke my little
... vines with their careless feet. They did not know how it hurt me. They thought that I was only a poor vine growing in the sand.
The women often sat by me as they put the fish in their baskets. They tore off my leaves and long pieces of my stem. Then they strung many fish on the stem and threw them into the baskets.
All this made me very unhappy. I often said to myself, " I wish I had a quiet place to grow where there were no women to break off my vines or children to run over me and pull my flowers/' 74 LESSON 32 A MORNING-GLORY VINE II One day I was lying on the sand thinking about these things.

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First Third Reader
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