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Dellarobia said.
    “To where?” Preston asked.
    She laughed. “Not forward march. It’s the fourth of March. Friday. Your birthday is in one exact week.”
    Preston smiled broadly, though his spectacled gaze remained fixed on the road. They stood facing east, the direction from which the bus would come, along with the light of morning in its own good time.
    “I have such a big surprise for you, you won’t believe it,” she added, causing his smile to broaden and compress, as if containing a s
...ignificant internal pressure. They watched the sun break over one of the stippled backs of the wooded hills that swam along the horizon. First it was a shapeless fire blazing through bare trees, quickly gaining the yolk of its sphere, and then they could not look at it directly.
    “Today smells like the time when the lambs get born,” he said.
    “It does.

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Flight Behavior
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