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Flying Childers His Cruise
George James Finch Hatton Winchilsea And Nottingham
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As they might, to see the sport : And some rascally reporters, Not the Lord High Admiral's own, Wrote absurdities to London, — Fictions all, as well 'tis known.
And they said, — " His valiant captains Did with one consent agree, Childers was the greatest failure That they'd ever known at sea. " c 2 , 36 FLY IX G CHILD ERS' CRUISE.
And they scoff'd and said, — " The service Never was in such a fix. Since Jehoshaphat's fleet was broke at Ezion-Geber by such tricks. " X.
And they wondered, — "
... If the country, Like to Issachar's strong ass Couching down between two burthens, Would allow such freaks to pass. " And they said, — *' Are English sailors By such masters to be schooled ? And the country that adores them, After this droll fashion fooled ? " XI.
Knaves irreverent ! idle scoffers !
Know ye not avenging Time Will strip bare your lying statements, And turn every word to crime . ?
FYTTE II. Y- FAIR WEATHER. 37 When to port comes ' Flying Childers, ' And uprising in his place \\\ the mute admiring Commons, Meets the envious face to face !

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Flying Childers His Cruise
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