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It feels late. How long have I been sleeping? I check my alarm clock—a vintage analog folding compact model, no bedside fartphones for me—and see it’s almost eleven thirty.I am a teenager. We are supposed to sleep the crap out of our beds. But eleven thirty seems excessive, even to me.I get up. I shower until I’m red. I need a haircut. When I comb out my wet hair, it’s long enough to tie together with one of Hanna’s old hair bands. I leave it that way—why not—and change into my summer outfit: ca...rgo shorts, Front 242 tank, wrist elastics, all in a rainbow of blacks of different hues.Summer outfit.Summer is almost here.It’s 85 degrees, and this being Southern California it’ll stay that way until it’s time for school to start again. But when school starts again, I won’t be here anymore. None of us will. We’ll all be somewhere else, depending on the will of the admissions gods.Buzz-buzz.You okay? says Joy.Just woke up, I say. Rough night.What the hell happened? says Joy.

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