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Further Pages of My Life
William Boyd Carpenter
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The bishop, too, is like the coxswain of a college boat. If the race is sue- cessful it is the oarsmen who have won it. If the race is lost it has been lost through bad steering. If there is trouble in a parish, the question is, " Why doesn't the bishop do something ? " and as soon as he does anything the question is, " Why does the bishop interfere } " Nevertheless the parishioners of any parish are generally very kind : they welcome the bishop when he visits the parish to open the church afte...r restoration, to open the new schools, to dedicate the new window, or the new organ, or the new font. Then the flag floats from the church tower ; 84 CLERICAL PECCADILLOES 85 the village band is out : the choristers robe themselves in surplices fairly free from ironmould : the bells are heard, their sweet clamour wakes the countryside : the boy scouts form a guard of honour : the service is to be " quite short, " which means that the exhortation is to be abbreviated, but the hymns are to be multiplied, and the anthem elongated to the utmost capacity of the choir.

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Further Pages of My Life
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