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I went through it front to back but there was no mention of any murders in Jefferson Heights, and when I thought more about it I realized the only sound had been the two blasts from my gun, and that might have been muffled enough by the old plaster walls to blend with the general city noise. Or maybe people had heard and no one cared. In either case, Stan would have cleaned the thing up.
“I never seen somebody put that much sugar in coffee. That was like half the cup,” Rocky said.
I put my coffe
...e on the dash and reached under the seat to the manila folder stuffed with papers. The blood on the pages was dry and rust-colored, and I opened it on top of the newspaper. Manifests. Records of lost cargo containers. Records of payment. A long, signed testimony by Sienkiewicz. The name Ptitko in cursive. Ptitko all over the place.
“What is that?” Rocky asked, stuffing her cheeks with bear claw.
I closed the folder, slipped it back under the seat. “I don’t know yet.”
I drove us to a Hibernia and emptied my bank account, another six hundred dollars to add to the three large.

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User Reviews:

Guest 3 years ago

Haunting, don't usually like books so graphic, but could not stop reading it and was sad when I was done.

Guest 4 years ago

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Some language particular to that area I had to google, names for things. But a good fairly light read.

Guest 4 years ago

A very interesting book. Not my favorite, however I could not stop reading it. I makes me wonder if things like this could really happen.

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