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Garibaldi And the Thousand

Cover Garibaldi And the Thousand
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Anna, the territorial magnate of Alcamo, others by Don Alberto Mistretta of Salemi and Rampagallo. Garibaldi soon won their hearts, and sent on La Masa the same evening to Salemi to prepare the inhabitants for his entry next day. La Masa, in his real element as a street orator and popular leader in Sicily, whence he had been excluded for eleven years, was actively assisted by the priests of Salemi in rousing the popular ardour of the place. When next day (May 13) the Thousand wound up the mount...ain track ' ' See p. 145 and note 3, above, on the ' ex-fendi. ' ' Girolamo, 24, 25, note. Abba's Bixio, 88, 90. Capuzzi, 20-24, Crispi, Diario, 20. Menghini, 422. Abba Not. 48, 49. Bandi, 1 16-124.
3 There Is a road to-day, but In i860 the artillery had to go miles round to the south in order to get up the hill into Salemi at all. Bruzzesi dopo 25 anni, 32. Oliveri, 25.
K 2 244 GARIBALDI AND THE THOUSAND between sparse olive groves towards the high piazza outside the castle and gate of the old city, the bells of the campanili rang out welcome, and the population came down the hill with music to greet their deliverers, shouting for Italy and Victor Emmanuel with a heartiness that removed much of the impression of the timid reception at Marsala.

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Garibaldi And the Thousand
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