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Ada Maria Skinner
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What you t'ink now, Massa Downes?" Mr. Downes: "I think the King of Lap- land dreams. " Man of Snow: "What he dream of then?" Mr. Downes: "He dreams that he had THE MAN OF SNOW 115 supper in some West Indian isle; for in Lap- land no oranges, no pinies, no watermelons grow, no plantains, no banana. " Man of Snow: "Me never say they did grow there. " When the Man of Snow said this we all of us together cried out, "Oh! Oh!" meaning what a story he was telling.
Man of Snow: "Me never mean to say s
...o. Me have great big hothouse, all glass, where fruit grow; and other t'ing me have brought over in fine large ship. Me very rich king; hab everything me wish. " Mr. Downes: "Rich, dost thou say, in money or in land?" Man of Snow: "In money, to be sure. Me have large chest full of gold Lapland gold and guineas, too my friend and brother, the King of England, send me; and me have plenty land, too. Large fields of rice no, not rice; rice not grow in Lapland me know dat very well. Me mean to say, large plantation of sugar cane.

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Garnet Story book
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