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Gas And Petroleum Engines
H De Henry Graffigny
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The air is compressed in a reservoir by a special pump, and is heated by the waste gases from the cylinder of the motor. These various heating arrangements, therefore, prevent as much as possible any loss of waste heat. Some of the operations described are novel and interest- ing, and the gas produced is very rich, having a heat of combustion of over 1400 calories, and very little ammonia is produced. The result of this is that only rudimentary scrubbers are required, other systems requiring el...aborate methods of cleansing the gases. The only drawback to the apparatus is the reservoir of compressed air, which necessitates a pump using up power. Taylor gas-producing plant (Fig. 44). The future of gas engines, especially large units, is intimately con- nected with production of poor gases at low cost, for they would be far from economical if coal gas were used at the price at which it is usually sold. For this reason many inventors have attempted to devise apparatus which should produce gases suitable for being used in a gas engine, by the decomposition of steam by red-hot car- bon.

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Gas And Petroleum Engines
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