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General Harrison in Congress
Samuel Gilman
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UcVR, and Pike, and Cov- isGTOS, and you touch a chord to which his heart responds. Though poor, he is generous ; though unlettered, he knows the history of his country sufficiently to appreciate their services. He knows the nature and value of his rights as an American citizen, and he entertains a just gratitude for the services of those who established and defended them. With such men (Mr. H. Said) this measure could not but be popular. After drawing a contrast between the felicity of a happy... and prosperous family, and the misery of one bereft of its only support and protector, Mr. H. Expressed his anxious hope that the House would do whatever was in its power to re- lieve such distress by the passage of this bill. " In a subsequent part of the same debate, General Harrison spoke again at considerable length in support of liis view of tins cjneslion, and summed up his opinions in the broad position that the children of those who die in the public service ouglit to bo educated at the public expense until they were 18 years of age, and their widows to be shielded from absolute want at least until in a situation to procure their own maintenance.

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General Harrison in Congress
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