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General Persifor Frazer

Cover General Persifor Frazer
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III. Ditto Mr. Penn's order to his commissioners.
IV. A description of the first great town, (when divided) then called the city and liberties.
V. Abstract of Mr. Penn's letter to the free society of traders in London.
VI. Thomas Holme's description of the city of Philadelphia.
VII. Abstract of a letter from Philip Ford in London, to Thomas Holme in Philadelphia concerning the map of the city.
VIII. A Copy of sundry original papers, to prove the bounds of the - city according to Holme's plan.
...X. Abstract of the charter of the city.
X. The reasons why the plan of the city was altered by Benjamin Eastburn, S. G.
XL The liberties granted to the first purchaser, and the courses of the same.
XII. Copies of sundry original papers, to prove the bounds of the liberties.
XIII. Abstract of complaint entered in the minutes of the Assem- bly.
XIV. The author's opinion of land said to have been concealed in the liberties ; and the reasons why he gave it.
XV. An alphabetical list of the first purchasers, referring to the map by way of numbers; where every purchaser may see the quantity he purchased, and the lots appurtenant to the same, etc.

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General Persifor Frazer
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