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' The secession was foolish, 281 WALPOLE and as soon as the situation became desperate there was a general return. In fact, the Opposition had the game in their own hands. Lord Hervey was now a warm supporter of Walpole: he was to be rewarded with the Privy Seal next year. But his tone in Parliament was despondent. ' Let us hear the convention read before we condemn it, ' was his faint recommendation. So weak indeed was the apology of the Government on the question of search, that Horace Walpol...e could think of nothing better to say than that the right was not claimed by Spain ; it was only exercised. He presumably meant that it was unnecessary to demand a formal renunciation of what did not exist ; the practice was to be abandoned, and that was the important point. But his assurances were speedily dis- credited, and the frailty of the convention became apparent. Spain did not pay her 95, 000/. , and began to complain because England had not paid her fine for the 1718 trans- actions ; also because a British squadron was cruising in the Mediterranean.

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George Ii And His Ministers
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