Gerald Ffrenchs Friends

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Gerald Ffrenchs Friends
George Henry Jessop
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" Does he live here, I wonder ? " thought Gerald, as he alighted. " It looks like it. " Then, resisting all the old man's entreaties to step inside and " thry something to lay the dust, " he set out for the Cali- fornia Theatre, for even Sunday night has its claims on the time of a San Francisco dramatic critic.
Old Quinn grasped his hand warmly at parting. He had quite conquered his diffidence in that re- spect. " Look in an' see me whenever ye do be passin
...', " he said. " I do be here the most o' the time ; an' any day ye feel likehavin' another dhrive behind Betty, why, only say the wurrud. It isn't yer father's son that should be ridin' in thim blag- gard street-cars. " II.
THE " Glorious Fourth " came and went, marked by unwonted splendor and noise all over the Union, and underscored with black in the private annals of Doctor Brown, who was called upon to surrender his desk at the "Evening Mail. " That gentleman's turn for conviviality and his talent for chronic fault- finding had combined to embroil him with the managing editor, and he had received an intimation that his resignation would be in order.

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Gerald Ffrenchs Friends
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