Godolphin, volume 6.

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Godolphin, volume 6.
Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron
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Every thing around them breathed of their first love. This was that homeof Godolphin's to which, from the splendid halls of Wendover, the youngsoul of the proud orphan had so often and so mournfully flown with ayearning and wistful interest: this was that spot in which he, awakingfrom the fever of the world, had fed his first dreams of her. The scene, the solitude, was as a bath to their love: it braced, it freshened, itrevived its tone. They wandered, they read, they thought together; theair o...f the spot was an intoxication. The world around and without wasagitated; they felt it not: the breakers of the great deep died in murmurson their ear. Ambition lulled its voice to Constance; Godolphin hadrealised his visions of the ideal. Time had dimmed their young beauty, but their eyes saw it not; they were young, they were all beautiful, toeach other.
And Constance hung on the steps of her lover--still let that name be his!She could not bear to lose him for a moment: a vague indistinctness offear seized her if she saw him not.

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Godolphin, volume 6.
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