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Grillparzer As a Poet of Nature

Cover Grillparzer As a Poet of Nature
The book Grillparzer As a Poet of Nature was written by author Here you can read free online of Grillparzer As a Poet of Nature book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is Grillparzer As a Poet of Nature a good or bad book?
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34 Ins dunkle Reich der See hinabgeschleudert, Wo Grausen herrscht und angstlich dumpfes Bangen, Wenn ihn empor nun hebt der Wellen Arm Und jetzt das heitre goldne Sonnenlicht, Der Kuss der Luft, des Klanges freud'ge Stimme Mit einemmal um seine Stimme spielen : So steh' ich freudetrunken, gliicklich, selig, Und wiinsche mir, erliegend all der Wonne, Mehr Sinne oder weniger Genuss.
We have here all the characteristics of darkness : horror, gloom, and quiet, set off by all the attributes of
... light : impulse of energy, sound and joy of living. In his apology to Kreusa, for allowing himself to fall in love with the Barbarian woman, Jason also effectively avails himself of the contrast between light and darkness. The radiant beauty of Medea, in the milieu of Kolchis' horrible night, captured his light-loving heart ; but she remains beautiful only so long as her fairness is brought into prominence by a dark background : in Greece, in the land of light, she appears dark, and thus she loses her former attraction :^^ 1st sie hier dunkel, dort erschien sie licht, Im Abstich ihrer nachtlichen Umgebung.

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Grillparzer As a Poet of Nature
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