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Gunman's Reckoning
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They couldn't come out without a story of some kind--with thewhole world expecting a death in that cabin--so they framed a crazycock-and-bull story about being brothers. ' I can hear them say that, Donnegan, and it makes me wild!" "Do you call me Donnegan?" said Donnegan sadly.
"No, no. Garry, don't be so touchy. You've never got over that, I see. Still all pride and fire. " "You're not very humble yourself, Henry. " "Maybe not, maybe not. But I've been in a certain position around theseparts,
...Don--Garry. And it's hard to see it go!" Donnegan closed his eyes in deep reverie. And then he forced out thewords one by one.
"Henry, I'll let everybody know that it was I who backed down. That wewere about to fight. " He was unable to speak; he tore the stock loose athis throat and went on: "We were about to fight; I lost my nerve; youcouldn't shoot a helpless man. We began to talk. We found out we arebrothers--" "Damnation!" broke out Lord Nick, and he struck himself violently acrossthe forehead with the back of his hand.

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Gunman's Reckoning
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