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Harmonic Third Reader
Frederic H Frederic Herbert Ripley
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To quickly assess the difficulty of the text, read a short excerpt:

Thy car.
Sill ap - prov - al di - vlue.
Har. Third Reader.
s :^=t2 -fc> : Where the bee sucks, there suck I ; In a cow - slip's bell I lie ; :ft=^ =1t 4:=, b=iP=3i=i ^^^^==J 3t=3t ^3^ r^-b 1 A .
, ^ r ^- -| if- ^ ^~ =U 1 ^ P P 0- ^ ^ ha ?=* ii bI b-J^ ^ V^ ^ ;^ ^ 1 1^_ ^ im ^^ K 1 ^^^M^ Ait - er sum-mer, mer - ri - ly, Aft - er sum - mer, mer - ri - ly.
i *==* P: 3tz-*=:*: z^:it=^^ Mer-ri - ly, mer-ri - ly, shall I live now, Under the blossom that hangs on
... the bough.
^^^i^^P^^^-3^3^^^^ Har. Third Rdr.
72 Rhythmic Study.
Vocal Drill.
Ex. 155.
^ 1-^ * ^i Do, sol Chart Ser. F, pages 6 and 7. Z. 156.
Ex. 157.
SH^^igl^sa a rfirf: ^^^ Ex. 158.
Ex. 159.
p^gp ^^ga pi^gipg^^g^n Do, la Ex. 161.
*- 2^ -7^ E^I ii 122: =^2= IS?: ]] Ex. 162.
i. 5^=J: 9 ;^- 3^ 12^ ^ Z5: 12^ - - 73- '^ r-=F=r- \ 'f^^=^- -jr:^ 12^ i -f=2: 1 :?2^ -t== :zs?^ ]] Each line and each space of the staff is called a degi-ee, and each degree represents a certain pitch.

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Harmonic Third Reader
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