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Twenty years ago, it had become critical to controlling the Perlemian Trade Route, which made it a key battleground in the Clone Wars. Ten years ago, it had been a shadow of its former self, cities devastated by conflict. By the time Leia went there, Felucia was fulfilling the Empire’s goal for it, which meant serving as a source of the healing plant nysillim but nothing else.
Yet the planet still claimed thick, near-impenetrable jungles and rainforests over much of its surface, which made it a
...good place for pathfinding practice.
“I suppose I should be glad we’re not climbing as much today.” Chassellon led the way as the humanoid members of the class slogged through mud up to their knees. (Sssamm swam along merrily, feeling entirely at home.) “But even snow’s easier to march through than this muck.”
Chief Pangie called from behind, “Our first cliffs are coming right up!”
“Kriff,” Chassellon muttered. Leia wanted to laugh at him, but she was dangerously close to agreeing.

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Harry Potter : the Prequel
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User Reviews:

Guest 3 months ago

I wish this would be an actual book but its alright something is better than nothing. And I'm here to support JKR, I hate cancel culture and I'll never get on it. I grew up weird, The one kid who was always Blabberring on About Harry Potter, None of the kids of my class ever read much or anything, let alone knew about Harry Potter, So I wrapped myself up in this fantasy world till I found my tribe of Potterheads and I couldn't be more grateful to JKR for creating a book series that made me feel like I belonged somewhere

puravjha07 4 months ago

Also I had reviewed this book on shabd.in and kobo too. Although I would prefer that this were a real book, anything is still better than nothing. I'm here to stand by JKR because I detest cancel culture and will never understand it. I was the weird kid in school who would never stop talking about Harry Potter. Since none of the other students had ever read anything or heard of Harry Potter, I lost myself in this magical world until I met other Potterheads. I am incredibly appreciative of J.K. Rowling for creating a book series that gave me a sense of belonging.

Guest 4 months ago

Wheres the next pages?? Its so short someone make it longer please this is annoying and why this need at least one hundred characters??

Guest a year ago

It bad and good but it is a lot better now that you are here I don’t think I have a lot more to do than that I don’t think it’s going well but I’m just not feeling well so I’m just going home to get some sleep I don’t think I’m doing much good I just feel really tired I feel really tired today and I’m not even sure what I’m doing yet I just don’t want you in the hospital and I’m tired and I’m tired I just want you in my life and I’m tired of it and I’m not feeling like I’m just not doing enough I just don’t feel good enough for you are I just don’t know how

Guest a year ago

o I just want to tell everyone who commented under this to tell them no one cares . they told me i cant commented this bc it got to be 100 characters so im just about to put dots

Samaria a year ago

It's very good and I like it! You hater's better stop because she is probably going through a lot right now.

Guest a year ago

This book is so trash the pen factory sent an apology note for helping the creator produce it..................................................

Guest a year ago

I like it but it would be better if you done every chapter but it was goold harry potter is my favourite book.

Guest a year ago

Some people may think it's bad, but I think it's good. I know you didn't have time Mrs. Rowling. Don't worry about the reviews, keep calm and carry on!

Guest a year ago

I think the book is good for the low quality that it is good job. I feel if you took more time in studying Harry Potter that rushing through to write this book it would have been better.
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