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Hatch's Hog Secrets

Cover Hatch's Hog Secrets
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l^xidentU- thc\- are caused l:»v a nit laid by sonic insect, and a great many times it is verv hard to trace back to its origin, as thde are so many di-terent kinds, and so many different starting points. Although some of them have been located, for instance, the Tenia parasite, or lung worm.
This one is caused by the nit laid by the gallinipper, or hog mosquito. This nit is usually deposited on the under side of the grass blades and is taken mto the stomach with the grass, and it develops into
... the very small worm called the Tenia parasite.
As this worm is very weak, consequently the w^orni will work up into the upper portion of the stomach where there is the least danger, and later up into the throat, which will cause the hog to cough. Every time a hog coughs he catches his breath and as a result throws the worms back into the luno-s. After 20 HATCH'S HOG SECRETS they have had a seeding they will multiply within themselves, and as a natural result will throw the lungs into a tuliercular stage.

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Hatch's Hog Secrets
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