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We see that and maybe also approve of it—approve of sport in and of itself and the vicarious participation in sport too.So we think sport is a good thing. But why? For manly sports certainly do not turn one into a better person—there are too many instances of people who excel at sports but are no great shakes as human beings. Yet perhaps there is a certain elephant in the room that we ignore. Bearing in mind what I wrote a while ago about it perhaps being a good thing if the Palestinians would l...earn to swallow defeat, I’d like to relay some thoughts I have been having about losing in sport.Think of professional tennis. Thirty-two men take part in a tournament. Half of them will lose in the first round and go home without having tasted any of the sweetness of victory. Of the sixteen who remain another eight will go home having tasted a single victory and then defeat and expulsion. Humanly speaking, the predominating experience of the tournament will be of defeat.Or take boxing. A boxer makes it to Caesar’s Palace with a record of thirty-two wins and three losses behind him.

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Here And Now: Letters (2008-2011)
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