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Heroes of the Middle West

Cover Heroes of the Middle West
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Tonty and his allies withdrew across the river. But the Iroquois, instead of retreating, followed. Seeing what must happen, Tonty thoughtit best for the Illinois to give up their town and go to protect theirwomen and children, while he attempted as long as possible to keep theinvaders at bay. Lodges were set on fire, and the Illinois withdrewquietly down river, leaving some of their men in the bluffs less than aleague from the town, to bring them word of the result. The Frenchmen, partially reb
...uilding their own lodge, which had been wrecked when theirgoods were thrown in the river, stood their ground in the midst ofinsulting savages.
For the Iroquois, still determined on war and despoiling, opened maizepits, scattering and burning the grain; trampled corn in the fields; andeven pulled the dead off their scaffolds. They were angry at the Frenchfor threatening them with that invisible power of France, and bent onchasing the Illinois. Yet Tonty was able to force a kind of treatybetween them and the retreating nation, through the men left in thebluffs.

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Heroes of the Middle West
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