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His face was twitching in a way that might have been ludicrousbut for its significance. "They've ambushed him, I reckon. I comestraight in after you, knowin' that you'd have a cooler head for thishere thing than--than I have. " "My God!" The exclamation shot from Trowbridge like the crack of a gun. "How did it happen?" Santry explained the details, in so far as he knew them, in a fewbreathless sentences. The old man was clearly almost beside himself withgrief and rage, and past the capacity to ...act intelligently upon his owninitiative. He had not been satisfied, he said, to remain behind at theranch and let Wade go to the timber tract alone, and so after a periodof indecision he had followed him. Near the edge of the timber he hadcome upon Wade's riderless horse, trailing broken bridle reins. He hadfollowed the animal's tracks back to the point of the assault, butthere was no sign of Wade, which fact indicated that he had been carriedaway by those who had overcome him.
"I could see by the tracks that there was a number of 'em; as many asfive or six, " the old man summed up.

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