High Tide in Tucson

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High Tide in Tucson
Barbara Kingsolver
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Some of the land belongs to farmers holding tight to a parched midwestern dream; some belongs to the state of Arizona, mainly because nobody in particular ever bothered to want it. And a big chunk of what we were passing through belongs to the Gila River Reserve, the state’s oldest Indian reservation, though nothing I could see from the highway set those particular cacti and irrigated farmlands apart from the rest, as Indian country.
Because Camille was five, and liked to know what to expect at
...all times, I reminded her that we were on our way to visit the Heard Museum, which was all about Native Americans. “Indians,” I clarified. “You know who Indians are, right?”
“Sure,” she said. “People that lived a long time ago.”
I felt between my shoulder blades the weight of this familiar frustration. We were driving past fields being tended this very morning, presumably, by Maricopa and Pima Indians. My daughter played routinely with children from other nations including the Tohono O’odham and Yaqui.

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High Tide in Tucson
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