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History of Cromwell a Sketch

Cover History of Cromwell a Sketch
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Churchill Edwards.
Edward Eells. Baptized Aug. IG, 1741. Captain. Major. Family helped by the town during liie term of his service.
Samuel Eells. Baptized Jan. 13, 1744. Captain. At time of entering service was pastor of the Congregational* CJhurcii in North Branford. Moved by an earnest appeal from General Washington, he urized his people to rally for the country's defence one Sabbath morning. At the close of the day's services, he took command of a com- pany of sixty men and went to New York.
John Hands. A wheelwright in the Rev- olution.
Abijah Kirby. Private. Died July 22, 1782, in prison in New York.
. Jiihn Pratt. Born in Hartford. Cap'aiu in the Revolution.
Joseph Hanney. Private. Died in prisnn in New York on or beb)re Julv 22, 1782.
John Robin. Son. Killed at Norwalk, 1779. / Comfort 8an;e. Son of Ebenezer, grand- son of John, of innnerous ]iosterity ( iSi) •. \\, the time of his death). Captain. Colonel. (General of Militia). A citizen of Middle- town, and a meml)er of the North Cliurcli after his return from the war.

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History of Cromwell a Sketch
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