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This might explain some of the desertedIndian clearings which the early Jesuits noted along the shore of theriver, and of which Champlain, in 1611, used one of about 60 acresat Place Royale, Montreal. Cartier, it is seen, expressly explainssome of them to be Huron-Iroquois clearings cultivated under his ownobservation. The known Algonquins of the immediate region were allnomadic.
In 1534 we have, from below Stadacona (Quebec) to above Hochelaga(Montreal), and down the Richelieu River to Lake Ch
...amplain, the valleyin possession of a Huron-Iroquois race, dominated by Hochelaga, a townof say 2, 000 souls, judging from the Huron average and from Cartier'sdetails. The descendants of the Hochelagans in 1642 pointed out thespots where there were "several towns" on the island. Mr. Beauchampholds, with Parkman, Dawson and other writers, that "those who pointedout spots in 1642 were of an _Algonquin_ tribe, not descendants of theMohawk Hochelagans, but locally their successors. " But I cannot acceptthis Algonquin theory, as their connection with the Hochelagans istoo explicit and I shall give other reasons further on.

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Hochelagans And Mohawks 8 7
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