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Owi5>^ IX RANCONEZZO North Door of the Duomo erous people, and most so among them the Florentines. Walking through a back street one day, I saw an old woman higgling with a peripatetic dealer, who, at every interval afforded him by the remarks of his veteran an- tagonist, would tip his head on one side, and shout, with a kind of wondering enthusiasm, as if he could hardly trust the evidence of his own senses to such loveliness, 0, che bellezza! che belle-e-ezza! The two had been contending as o...bstinately as the Greeks and Tro- jans over the body of Patroclus, and I was curious to know what was the object of so much desire on the one side and admiration on the other. It was a half dozen of weazeny baked pears, beggarly remnant of the day's traffic. ... It never struck me before what a quiet people Americans are.
James Russell Lowell.
[ 37 1 WITHIN THE DUOMO The semi-dome of the eastern apse above the high altar is entirely filled with a gigantic half-length figure of Christ. He raises His right hand to bless and with His left holds an open book on which is written in Greek and Latin, "I am the Light of the world.

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