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Household Bacteriology
S Maria Sophronia Maria Elliott
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The plant must be killed to stop its growth. If it has grown only on the surface of the fibre, the stain may sometimes be removed without serious injury. If it is of long growth or has penetrated the fibre, a hole will result, because of the weakened or actually destroyed fibre.
So far as the healthful house is concerned, there 38 HOUSEHOLD BACTERIOLOGY.
need be no separation in the mind between molds and bacteria, because the occurrence and conditions of growth of both are practically alike. S
...o far as is known, there are no molds that cause such serious and fatal diseases as some of those caused by bacteria.
Because molds are lighter than the bacteria, it takes much longer for them to settle. The air, then, is likely to contain molds even where it has been quiet so long that the bacteria have all settled. This gives the housewife another reason for the economy of keeping the air of her kitchen, pantries, or any place where food is- prepared or stored, as free from dust and as dry as possible.

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Household Bacteriology
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