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How the World is Housed

Cover How the World is Housed
How the World is Housed
Frank G Frank George Carpenter
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In making wrought iron the pig iron is put into furnaces of a different character from that in which the iron is smelted. The wrought iron furnace is usually long and low, so that the iron can be stirred about or puddled, bringing every bit into contact with the air. As this is done, some of the impurities go off in gases. Sometimes iron is added which contains the other elements needed ; and at the close the mass more or less pure is taken out in the shape of a ball or lump, or a bloom as it i...s called. This is put under steam hammers and pounded and kneaded, or it may be run through rollers until it is of the texture required. It is now of such a nature that it can be bent this way and that, or rolled out into sheets or plates or pounded to shape. Indeed, the machines for making and handling iron and steel are of so many kinds that we cannot describe them. If you should go into a large hardware store you might find forty or fifty thousand different articles of iron or steel, and each would have been made by machinery somewhat different from that which produces any of the others.

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How the World is Housed
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