Hurricane Island

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Hurricane Island
H B Marriott Henry Brereton Marriott Watson
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His anxiety was for her. He had not shown himself timorous as to the result before. Doubtless she had infected him with her fears.
Possibly, even, it was at the lady's suggestion that he had made advances to Holgate.
Suddenly my thoughts were diverted by a slight noise, and, looking round, I saw Lane advancing swiftly towards me.
"I say, Phillimore," he said in a hoarse whisper, "I've lost the key." "Key! " I echoed. "What key ? " For I did not at once take in his meaning.
"Why, man, the purser
...'s key — ^the key of the strong room," he said impatiently.
I gazed in silence at him. "But you must have left it below," I said at last.
"Not I," he answered emphatically. "I'm no juggins.
They're always on me. I go to bed in them, so to speak.
See here." He pulled a ring of keys from his pocket.
"This is how I keep 'em— on my double chain. They don't leave me save at nights when I undress. Well, it's gone, and I'm damned if I know when it went or how it went." He gazed, frowning deeply at his bunch.

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Hurricane Island
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