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Idylls of the Year
Basil Anderton
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Nearer in shore, gulls fly steadily this way and that, or float on the water's surface; and a white boat w^ith rich brow^n sails moves slowly past. In the hot sunlight the sea, with its tw^inkling laughter, seems to live and breathe.
Inland, there are deep country lanes, twisting sharply to right and [29] left, to be explored. So narrow are they that there is bare passing-room for two carts ; and they have tall hedges w^here rich sprays of honey- suckle may be gathered— yellow, w^hite, and pink
... — and w^here w^ild roses linger. Soon an old church, with square ivy-clad tower, appears beside its quiet hamlet ; or a ruined house, almost a tiny castle, w^hose thick grey v^ralls and old arches rise from the undergrowth of dense brambles, and of nettles tall as a man; or again a lonely mansion, w^ith its antique legend of a ghostly coach driven at midnight. So one roams on, now^ in the hot sunshine, now^ bathed in the cool shadow^ of the trees ; and from overhead there come the cawing and chiding of the rooks.

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Idylls of the Year
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