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In Mantle Blue

Cover In Mantle Blue
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Now behold !
Guinevere the Queen is dead.
THE BURIAL OF QUEEN GUINEVERE 23 All his strength He hath spent with penance done.
Shrunken form and features wasted Tell of meat and drink untasted ; His life's thread Hath but little while to run.
Rest at length!
Guinevere the Queen is dead.
In his cell, Bowed before the Holy Rood, Day and night in deep contrition Seeks he for his sins remission ; Heavenly bread Hath he for his dearest food.
List the knell!
Guinevere the Queen is dead.
Shall she gain
...Favour in her Maker's eye?
Penitent, assoiled, and shriven May she hope to be forgiven, Or like lead Must her sins upon her lie, Mourned in vain?
Guinevere the Queen is dead.
24 THE BURIAL OF QUEEN GUINEVERE There was one, Kneeling at the Saviour's board, Bathed His feet with ointment scented, One who sinned and who repented; She, 'tis said, First beheld the risen Lord.
Oh, make moan!
Guinevere the Queen is dead.
So we trust, Since a holy nun she died, Making unto God repayment, At the last in shining raiment, Pardoned, She shall sit at His right side.

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In Mantle Blue
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