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And yet you pay many doubloons for your rent — Pray, Pa, juxtapose me once more. " "The rent that I pay," Father William re- plied, "Is paid not for windows nor steam; But the entrance downstairs is of marble and gold." And that's no impalpable dream.
93 The Fool The Fool did on his motley And sighed, as who should say: "If all but me be sobbing, Why then must I be gay?
"If all the world be weeping.
And very life seem wrong.
Why is it mine to fashion A whimsy and a song?
"Pray, why must I be me
...rry?" — But came no answering word.
For that the world was weeping, And none the Fool had heard.
APKiL 19, 191 2.
94 To the Wind: Aftet Gilbert's "To the Terrestrial Globe" Also after two slumberless nights.
Blow on, thou wind, blow on!
Across, up, down the Drive, Blow on!
What though I toss till half-past five?
What though I have a charge to keep?
What though I ululate and weep?
What though I cannot get to sleep?
Never you mind!
Blow on!
Blow on, thou wind, blow on!
Across my httle bed Blow on !

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