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Let me put your hand into the breast ofyour coatee; then, if you keep your elbow tight against your body, it will keep it steady. " Although Mike carried out his suggestion as gently as he could, Desmond almost fainted with pain.
"Take a drop of brandy from your flask, master. It won't take halfa minute, and then we will be off. " They continued their journey. The rattle of musketry, ahead ofthem, showed that the combat had already commenced close by;between either the advancing troops of Argyl
...e, or those who hadcrossed the hill of Royegham; and Grimaldi's brigade, which wasprobably endeavouring to hold them in check, until the troops atDiepenbeck came back.
It was already too dark to distinguish the uniforms, except at adistance of a few yards. Dashing on, he saw a dark massahead--three officers rode out.
"Who are you, sir?" they shouted.
"I am carrying a report from the general, " he replied, in English, and without drawing rein dashed on, passing within twenty yards ofthe column, and reached Diepenbeck without further interruption.

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In the Irish Brigade
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